Jansell Simbulan

Marketing Team Assistant

(02) 6176 3455 jansell.simbulan@luton.com.au

Joining Luton Properties in April 2018, Jansell is blessed to work with the team who motivate her to achieve the best results possible for all clients and get the job done effectively in timely manner. The support and motivation received helps her thrive in her chosen career path in marketing.

Jansell believes you will never get anything done if you wait for perfect conditions thus, she always pushes herself out of her comfort zone and tries to find a solution. She loves to keep moving towards her goals and is not afraid to take on new challenges where she can turn her “I can’t” into “I cans”.

Outside of work, Jansell is committed to spending quality time with her family and doing what she loves, even as simple task as washing the dishes. She also finds joy in reading, cooking and sharing meaningful conversations over a cup of hot chocolate or tea.


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