Ethan Petroni

Sales PA to Kelsey Tracey

(02) 6176 3448

Ethan is Canberra born and raised, he spent his early years living in the surrounding regions before moving to the Inner City for high school and college.

He went to Daramalan College, where he learned he has a strong sense for building meaningful relationships with everyone he interacts with. After starting his career in the hospitality industry, he realised his communication and customer service skills would be better suited to the real estate industry where he can help people build their futures in a professional and supportive environment.

Ethan aims to develop his knowledge and professional experience through the Luton ecosystem. Ultimately Ethan is a people person who gravitates towards building strong client/team relationships and endeavours to be as supportive as possible. He is a very extroverted person, who will tackle any situation with confidence and determination. His passion for personal development led him to participate in several extreme sports, where he can push himself to achieve his goals.

At the end of the day Ethan loves his friends and family and believes that any day is a good day to further his relationships with people he cares about.


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