Alyssa Poretti

Property Management Administrator

0457 864 941 (02) 6176 3420

Alyssa is a young Canberra girl who recently graduated year 12 and has been provided with an opportunity to step into the exciting world of Real Estate. Her first year in the industry is learning and engaging with clients in the property management area. Alyssa is a committed and organized person, who has a positive, hardworking approach towards any task given. Her experience in customer service has demonstrated outstanding results, showing she values her clients and determines they are highly satisfied every time. Just like in any profession, Alyssa desires to provide the prospective customers the opportunity to evaluate their real estate experience based on her credibility and authority. She wants to ensure they are making a good choice, selecting someone who won't waste their time or spoil the experience. Alyssa wants to make certain her clients have the best experience from day one and ensure they continue their real estate journey with Luton Properties. Alyssa desires to grow her career path in the real estate industry and knows Luton Properties is the best place to do so.


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